About Ralf Scheid, artist and inventor

Ralf Scheid born in Nuremberg, living in Zirndorf Mittelfranken, Germany, has been artistically active for many years. Already in 1994 he had the idea to bring computers and art together to inspire people to deal with new media and discover their own creativity. This idea is shown in his works, which are abstract, an interplay of different colors and forms. The color scheme is rather strong and colorful combined with circles, corners and edges.  

Ralf Scheid has further developed his goal in the virtual computer world and has developed an automation AR/VR/XR platform over several years.  Now his works have come to life, because when viewing these pictures with the app: "networks_durchBlick", it displays new elements.

In this context, his project "Scheid AR Art Calender" was created, which combines his works with the latest technologies and presents the viewer with a new art experience.  Thus a new art form has developed, which has become a coveted collector's item. Professional dancers and action artists stage themselves in a virtual or very real gallery world with the objects in the background and adapt themselves to this space and the art of Ralf Scheid.

The art of Ralf Scheid has arrived in real life when he redesigned the "Erlebnisradweg-Hohenzollernradweg" into an AR experience in 2018 and for this the region of Middle Franconia in Bavaria and he was awarded the ADAC Tourism Prize.

Already in 2016 he received the gold medal of the European Inventors' Fair iENA for the invention of the XR /AR/VR/MR platform and ar2go. In 2017 he was also awarded the silver medal for the invention of a new type of turbine function and, as a team member, received the European and worldwide patent.

By founding his own creative agency Scheid&Partner in 2004, he was able to implement countless projects for companies. This solid position in the business world resulted in a large network, which extends to international delegation trips (Bayern International) with other business enterprises as well as in the more artistic IT sector with the Potsdam Theater Poetenpack. This also includes the friendly relationship with Werner Müller, the director of the Fürth City Theater in Bavaria.

For many years, he has maintained close contact with the Faber-Castell Academy, where he has been a lecturer for corporate management and strategy of new market technologies for the Diploma University Program at the renowned company Faber-Castell, at its headquarters in Stein near Nuremberg, teaching economics and being creatively active.


1994 - First presentation of computer-controlled art in the City Center, Fürth

2005 - Sensus furniture store vernissage in Uttenreuth/Erlangen

2012 - Member of the AGD - Alliance of German Designers

2015 - Participation in GamesARTEN: Each of the containers opens up new spaces for digital and analogue trying out, playing and experiencing: Virtual Reality - game development live - 3D printing -    new & old multiplayer games - augmented reality art by Ralf Scheid - fantasy & upcycling - exciting workshops

2016 - Participation in the event "Auftakkt - Impulse for the culture and creative industries in Cadolzburg

2017 - Lecturer Diploma University Program Academy Faber-Castell courses, digital lectures, exam preparation, exam submission, exam evaluation, student support Bachelor/Master program

2019 - Permanent exhibition ScheidART pictures in the rooms of BayernLab at 11 stations in Bavaria from Wunsiedel to Rosenheim